Automatic visual inventory your vehicles

Portal's smart cameras idenfity vehicles and automatically perform a visual inventory every time they access your sites

Customizable functions


A flexible and adaptable offer


Real use case

Automatic graffitis detection on trains

Trains are a clear target for graffiti’s authors. The existence of graffitis over trains surfaces damages the operating company’s image while generating considerable annual cleaning costs.

It is proven that the most efficient politic is to remove graffitis as fast as possible to discourage authors but also ease the cleaning. However, this method requires a detection system also fast and systematic.

Train identification

Automatic identification using RFID technology

Graffiti spotting

An artificial intelligence model detect each degradation and estimate their cumulated surface


Images and informations are saved and displayed on a web application and/or sent to the company’s information system


Other use cases


It can be difficult to monitor the current state of a trailers fleet while they are in permanent circulation between different sites.

With Portal, a current state of your trucks/trailers is automatically realised every time they access one of your site. Their online file is then automatically updated and a notification is sent if a damage is detected.


Vous devez tenir strictement à jour un registre des entrées et sorties de votre site.

Placé au niveau de poste de contrôle, Portal assiste l'agent dans cette tâche. Il enregistre automatiquement l'immatriculation du camion qui entre et sort du site, identifie la présence de matière dangereuse (pictogramme) et en horodate ses passages.

Vehicle rental

You need to keep a strict log of entry and exit of your site.

Installed at the control station, Portal assists the agent in this task. It automatically reads the entering/exiting truck licence plate and can recognize presence of hazardous substance (pictogram) and timestamp its presence on your site.

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