Artificial Intelligence projects development


From the idea to the specifications, Elter helps you to define both functional and technical aspects of your AI solution


The project’s potential performance level is then evaluated through the development of a proof of concept


Demonstration is pushed to its full potential and go through optimisation, robustification and validation processes before being integrated

“Make AI Real”

Only useful applications

Elter’s mission is to bring AI into the real world by developing useful and reliable applications that exceed the possibilites of “conventional” computing

Conceived to go further than the experiment, solutions are directly built to be operational and intégrated to your systems for a daily use

    Taylored AI project

    Automatize a complex task, identify object on an image, predict an event… your organisation generate new and unique AI subjects

    Either it is to differenciate your company or to raise its performance level, Elter adapt the technology to your specific issue

    Our clients

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     Most industries can be impacted and transformed thanks to Artificial Intelligence technologies

      • Security

      • Transport

      • Marketing

      • Administrations


       Regardless of the type of data you own. It is possible to create unique and useful applications

      • Video / Image

      • Text / Data

      • Sensor

      • ...

      “Edge” and real time computing

      To optimize computing power repartition or to build a GDPR compliant system, Elter know how to take advantage of the agility of compacts systems installed close to sensors

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      Experts and complementary partners

      Elter is part of an ecosystem made of other companies experts in complementary technical fields that allow to build complete operationals solutions ready to be deployed

      (Soft/hardware integration, AI models robustness certification, user interface...)